Basketball Drills 7 Player Shooting

The drill was submitted by Coach Tomas Canizalez.

It is a good drill to work on conditioning, shooting when tired, and shooting under time pressure.

Below this drill are some links to other basketball shooting drills on this site.

You can time the drill to put more pressure on the shooters.





Basketball Drills

7 players, 5 balls.

Positions 3 players on the court and a ball at the man in the middle (1, 2 and 3).

At each corner of the court there is a player with a ball (4,5,6 and 7)

The drill starts with a pass from 4 to 2 and 5 to 3.



Basketball Drills

Players 1,2 and 3 take a jump shot and go for the rebound.






Basketball Drills

1 gives an outlet pass to 5 and runs behind 5.

5 dribbles through the middle to the other side of the court.

4 and 1 run along the sideline.


Basketball Drills

6 and 7 pass to 1 and 4.

Players 1,4 and 5 make a jump shot and go for the rebound.

Drill repeats itself.


Basketball Drills Cycle Shooting

These drills were submitted to the FastModel Sports Basketball Plays and Drills Library by Coach Kyle Gilreath.

The site has thousands of drills and plays that have been submitted by basketball coaches from around the world.

Diagrams created with FastDraw

Below his two drills, I have posted links to some other shooting drills that are posted here on the Coaching Toolbox.




Cycle Shooting

Basketball Shooting Drills

I really like this drill. I think it is worth experimenting with timing the drill to force the players to go at game pace.

This is a great shooting drill that will get your players working under pressure.

1 passes to 2, 2 takes two hard dribbles and kicks to 3, 3 takes two hard dribbles and kicks to 4, 4 shoots.

To make the drill competitive, time it to see how quickly the group can hit a specific number of shots and compete against the highest score you have for the year on your team.

Basketball Shooting Drills

Follow pass to next pass.Repeat the cycle until you make 8 before you miss 8.




50 Point Shooting Drill

Player shoots a three point shot and a two point shot. They will follow this pattern on different areas of the court until they reach 25 or 50 points. One rebounder is needed. Shooter must catch every pass behind the three point line for ALL shots.

Here is the scoring system for the drill:

25 Point Game Goal:

-Pro (:40)

-College (:50)

-HS (1:00)

Adjust time accordingly to reach 50 points.

Basketball Drills Team Drills

These drills came from the Xavier Basketball Coaching Newsletter

Stop, Score, Stop

To win a team must get a stop, score, and a stop in 3 consecutive possessions.

If defense gets a stop (stop) they go to offense and must score, then they go to defense and must get a stop to win

If offense scores, they to to defense and then must get a stop, score and stop

There is a change of possession after each play

24 Second Drill

  1. This is a 5 on 5 half court drill.
  2. Black vs. White as an example.
  3. There are 24 seconds on the clock.
  4. Black begins on defense and white on offense.
  5. The white team has 24 second and black must stop white throughout the entire
    24 seconds.
  6. If white takes a shot and the black gains possession at 12 seconds, then white still
    has possession but there are now 12 seconds on the clock. If what takes another
    shot and black gains possession at 5 seconds then the shot clock is at 5 and white
    has possession again. This continues until black stops white for an entire 24
    seconds of the shot clock.
  7. If white scores, they go on defense.
  8. If white gets an offensive rebound, the clock goes back to 24, but black is still on
  9. Great drill to end practice because it is very competitive and difficult. Very tough drill.

Gut Check

  1. Make 3 teams of 3-4 players. Two teams play while the third team is shooting on a side basket
  2. Put 12 minutes on clock.
  3. Team gets a point for every stop.
  4. Foul is automatic loss of play.
  5. First two teams play for 4 minutes. Then the third team comes in after 4 minutes for one of the teams.
  6. When offense scores, the defense must sprint down and touch the opposite foul line. There is only 20 seconds for each possession so the team must sprint down and back to get more time.
  7. If the defense gets a stop, the offense must go down and touch the opposite foul line and come back. The coach will pas the ball to the offense as they come back down the floor and they will be on offense again.
  8. The drill is a great conditioner.

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