Basketball Plays Pop 54 Hammer Flare

Today’s Play was contributed by Syracuse Women’s Associate Head Coach Vonn Read. Vonn submits two plays each month from his book The Basketball Encyclopedia of Plays

Coach Read has also served as an assistant coach in the WNBA with the Phoenix Mercury, Orlando Miracle, and San Antonio Silver Stars.

He was an advanced scout for the Orlando Magic as well as The Charlotte Sting.


This is a good set for a 3 pointer.

Pop 54 Hammer Flare

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This is a good play for a quick 3-point shot against a Zone.

The 4 and 5 player will pop out to get the pass.

The 2 player (Shooter) will pop high for the pass and then reverse the ball to the 1 player.

The 3 player will cut to the opposite wing.






The 4 and 5 player will screen the outside defenders in the Zone to set up the flare screen for the 2 player.









If X4 and X2 cheat over the flare screens to deny the shot to the 2 player, both the 4 and 5 player will slip the screens.

The 5 player will slip and shoot the jumper at the nail. If X5 steps up to challenge the shot by the 5 player, the 5 player can go high low for the layup to the 4 player.







If X3 sinks to stop the layup by the 4 player, the 5 player can pass it to the 3 player for a 3-point shot.






Coaching Basketball

Coach Read has also put together The Basketball Encyclopedia of plays. You can check them out here: The Basketball Encyclopedia of Plays or read more about the books:

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Here is the link: The Basketball Encyclopedia of Plays

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