Basketball Plays: Michigan Zone Attack

Two zone attack sets from John Beilein’s Michigan Playbook

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I hope at the very least that you can take a wrinkle or two from these sets and use them to improve what you currently run against zones.

Diagrams created with FastDraw


Michigan X



1 will pass the ball to 2

4 and 5 will move up the lane








2 will pass the ball back to 1

As 1 is swinging the ball to 3, 4 and 5 are coming up to screen

5 will screen the bottom/ouside defender of the zone

4 will screen the top/outside man of the zone






3 will either look to shot a pull up 3 or get into the lane







Michigan Hand



1 will hit 2









2 will pass the ball back to 1

2 will cut to the short corner








4 will come up and set a ball screen for 1

4 will pop

1 will hit 4







IF the bottom/outside defender comes out to cover 4, 4 will hit 2 for a shot

IF the top/outside defender takes 4 and the bottom/outside defender covers 2, 4 will look to hit 5 posting up the middle man of the zone

4 can throw a skip pass to 3 for a shot

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