Basketball Plays Kansas Out of Bounds

Both of these out of bounds plays were contributed by Bert DeSalvo to the FastModel Sports Basketball Plays and Drills Library.

They were run by the Kansas men’s team against Oklahoma in their triple-overtime victory on January 4, 2016.

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Mason throws it over the top to Ellis

Ellis pops for the catch









Selden sets a screen for Mason

Mason curls the screen

Ellis dribbles to the opposite elbow area and dribble hand offs with Mason

Ellis then screens Mason’s defender







Mason turns the corner and attacks the rim

Lucas pins down for Selden

Selden sprints to the 3pt line





Kansas HC SLOB ‘Chop’ Action

The set has multiple options if opponents take one option away.



Mason inbounds to Selden

Mason fades to near is corner

Selden brings the ball to opposite corner and gives Graham a dribble handoff






Lucas lifts and sets a high pick and lets Graham use the pick

Selden steps off to the 3pt line








Graham drags his dribble

Lucas sets a screen for Selden, Selden curls the screen

Graham reverses to Selden

Graham spaces to the 3pt line






Selden drives the ball and attacks the rim

(Also has dump off to Ellis or kick to Mason/Graham for 3pt shot)


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