Northwestern Basketball Plays

A couple of half court sets from Northwestern.

They are taken from the Chris Collins Northwestern Playbook which is included in this week’s eBook special.

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Diagrams created with FastDraw

Northwestern Curl


1 hits 3.

4 sets UCLA screen for 1.

2 curls off 5.






Right after 2 curls off 5, he immediately turns and sets screen for 5.

5 takes screen to ball side block.







4 pins in for 2.

Even if you don’t use this exact play, you might be able to fit the double curl screen into something that you already run.





Northwestern DD


5 sprints and sets high ballscreen.

1 comes off 5 and drives middle.

1 pitches ball to 4 whose man is helping on drive.






4 drives the ball off 1 and 5 man diving away from the ball.








2 man fills behind the drive.

If 4 cant drive ball to rim for shot, kicks to 2 who catches and drives middle off of 4. 5 cuts opposite the ball for dump down.

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