Coaching Basketball: Preparing for Pre-Season

This article was written by Basketball Strength and Conditioning Coach Alan Stein and published on his Stronger Team Blog

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Prepare for a Purposeful Pre-Season

Your pre-season training program lays the foundation and sets the tone, both physically and mentally, for your up-coming season. And while you can’t win a championship in the pre-season, you sure as hell can lose one.

While it is vital to train with true purpose all year long, it becomes even more critical during the 6 to 8 weeks leading up to your first official practice. Your pre-season workouts need to prepare players for the actual demands of the game! As obvious as that may sound, many pre-season training programs lack this essential quality.

There are 3 primary purposes for pre-season training:

Bullet proof the body against injury
Improve performance on the court
Have fun and build team chemistry

If any exercise, drill or concept you use this pre-season doesn’t meet at least one of these three… then it is consider ‘fluff’ or a major time waster. If you use your creativity and imagination… you can often meet all 3 criteria with the same drill!

In an analysis presented at the 2010 Boston Sports Medicine Performance Group conference, researches broke down a basketball game and observed the following:

Average player’s heart rate: 165-170 beats per minute
High-intensity sprints occur every 20-30 seconds
100-plus high intensity sprints per game
40-50 maximal jumps per game
Change in movement every 2-3 seconds
30% of time is spent defensive sliding
15% of time is in high intensity

In addition, there are 6 primary movement patterns used in basketball:

Defensive sliding
Jumping (and landing)

As you can see, basketball is game of quick, explosive bursts of multi-directional movements and varying movement patterns interspersed with short bouts of rest.

In order for your pre-season workouts to be truly purposeful, efficient and effective… they need to prepare players for these very specific demands.

Train hard. Train smart. Get better.

Alan Stein
Hardwood Hustle Blog

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