Validation Competitive Basketball Shooting Drill

This video is with Emmanuel College Head Men’s Coach TJ Rosene, who is also a Director for PGC Basketball.

You can see more drills and posts from PGC Basketball by visiting their Basketball Blog

The purpose of this drill is to give you another competitive shooting drill to add to your Drill Book.

Like a game, players experience not only relying on themselves to make shots to win, but also relying on their teammate.

You need 2 pairs of players to run the drill.

The drill gets it name from the way it is played. If the first player makes the shot, the second player must make his or her shot to validate the first shot and earn a point.

If the first player misses the shot, then the other team’s first shooter will shoot.

Tweak the rules and types of shots and spots/sides of the floor to fit your needs and to add variety.

Please make sure that your sound is on and click on the video to play.

Click the play arrow to view the video.

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