Rebounding League

This competitive team rebounding drill is demonstrated by Bradley Men’s Coach Brian Wardle.

This rebounding drill to emphasize to your players the importance of competing to rebound is scored over a series of practices.

The drill is a 3 minute drill.

You get a point for a defensive rebound and get to stay on defense with the inside rebounding position.

The idea of the post is to stimulate ideas. You should change the rules, scoring, timing, expectations, techniques, and emphasis of any other coaches’ drills that you see anywhere to fit your team’s needs.

There is sound with the video, so please make sure that your sound is on.

The video is hosted on You Tube, so you will need to be on a network that allows you to access that site.

Click the play arrow to play the video with the drill.

If you are interested in learning more about the Championship Productions Basketball Coaching DVD that this drill came from, you can click the following link: Brian Wardle: Building a Rebounding and Defensive Mindset

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