Sideline Inbounds Plays

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With each post I make on the site, I am not prescribing that this is what everyone should do, but rather offering ideas that hopefully will stimulate your thinking to come up with ideas that will fit your needs.

For example, you might need to change the positions that are on the diagrams to put your players in the spots that fit them the best.

The first play was diagrammed by Denis Godlevskiy from a play run by Doc Rivers when he was with the Celtics.

The second play was diagrammed by Coach Alan Peel.

Diagrams created with FastDraw

Boston Celtics SLOB



1 starts in the ballside corner and comes to the NBA slot off a screen from 4. (Obviously #4 needs to screen the defender guarding #1. It might be on the other side than the diagram shows.)

1 receives the inbounds pass.

3 cuts through to the opposite corner.





5 pins down for 2.

2 sets screen for ball handler & pops out,








On pop out action 4 sets flare screen for 2 & rolls to to the basket

1 can use quick pass for the 2 or hit 4 who rolls to the basket






Portland SLOB



The play begins with #5 setting a back screen for #2.

After #2 clears, #5 will then set a back screen for #4.

The options for the inbounds passer (#3) are #2 and #4 in that order.







If the lob passes are not open, #2 will clear to the help-side corner and #4 will clear to the ball-side corner.

From here, #5 will turn and set a down screen for #1 who comes and catches between the circles.

If the defense switches, #3 will throw the inbounds pass to #5 who steps back to the ball.

As soon as the ball is inbounded, #3 will fill the corner on his side.




When #1 catches, he will use a middle ball screen set by #5 and go away from the side on which the ball was inbounded.

As soon as #1 clears the ball screen, #5 will roll to the basket and #3 will fill the slot on his side to maintain defensive balance.

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