Mississippi State Competitive Defense and Rebounding Drill

This competitive defense and rebounding drill is coached by Mississippi State Coach Vic Schaefer.

At the time of this post, Mississippi State will has reached the Sweet 16 as a #1 seed in their region.

They ended UConn’s record consecutive win streak at 111 in the 201 Final Four.

There is sound with the video, so please make sure that your sound is on.

The video is hosted on You Tube, so you will need to be on a network that allows you to access that site.

The video is from the Championship Productions You Tube Channel

You will want to modify the drill to defend actions that your opponents run.

I like the fact that the defenders are moving to defend more in a game-like way than many rebounding drills I have seen.

Coach Schaefer calls the drill “Auburn.”

If you are interested in learning more about the Championship Productions Basketball Coaching Video (available in both DVD and Instant Video Format) that this drill came from, you can click the following link: 40 Minutes Baseline-to-Baseline Defense

The video is 5 minutes and 38 seconds long and shows this drill for the entire clip.

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