Basketball Drills Shell Drill

Here is a video of a few ways to use the shell drill to teach just more than defensive positioning. In my opinion, you can use the shell to drill many of the defensive principles that we teach in man to man defense.

In this video, Indiana State’s Greg Lansing teaches jumping to the ball to guard a basket cut and helping and recovering on dribble penetration. I hope the video gets you thinking about some ways to incorporate your defensive principles and actions you guard into the shell drill,

Make sure your sound is on as you watch.

If you cannot see the drill, you can use the link below. It will take you to the Championship productions site, click the play arrow on the video icon.

Shell Drill Variations

There is nothing to purchase to see the drill, however if you are interested in purchasing this or any other Championship DVD, you can use this link:

Shell Drill Variations

The video is a You Tube video.  Press play to see it!

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