Basketball Drills 7-5-3-1 Shooting

This basketball shooting drill is a competitive drill that also involves conditioning.

The drill also requires players to make shots when they are tired.

The goal for college players is to get a score above 10, but you will need to adjust that for the level of players that you are working with.

The video is a one of the 1,000’s of basketball training videos for all levels of coaches, players, and parents that is offered by BasketballHQ. You can access their entire library with a pro membership.

BasketballHQ has just released their Basketball Coaches Training Group. In the group you will get access to different workout plans that are going to be for the team as a whole, by position, by the number of players and more. This is an all inclusive training group that is going to allow you to walk onto the court with a full workout plan in hand for your players through our easy to use Iphone and Android App. Every drill comes with a video breaking down the details of the drill, and all of the videos are instructed by a Pro or College coach and demonstrated by a high level player. click here for More Information on the Basketball Coaches Training Group.

I have posted a sample from the Coaches Training Group below the first video.

The purpose of all my posts is to give you ideas for your program and that you need to make whatever fixes to the drill that you need to make in order to use it.

Basketball Drills 7-5-3-1 Three Point Shooting


Here is a 2:00 minute sample of the type of content that is available in the BasketballHQ Coaches Training Group.

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