33 Attack Drill

Today’s post is more drills from a collection put together by Nate Hill, Assistant Boys Coach at Colonel Crawford High School in North Robinson Ohio.

These drills are drills to work on advantage reads that do not last very long.

He has coached for 18 years from 7th grade through Varsity Head Coach.

He has also started a basketball coaching newsletter.

You can see find more information about the Newsletter at this link: Next Level 419 Coaching Newsletter

In case you have any questions or comments for Coach Hill, here is his email address: NHill@bucyrusschools.org


The best use of these drills would be to use the concepts, but change the execution to fit your system.



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33 Attack


3 on 3 with Drive and Space reads.

Coach starts with ball and passes to 1 who is sprinting.

1 gets ball, runs through the circle and attacks the basket.

x1 cannot leave until he touches the dribbler in the circle.






1 must make the correct read.

1 looks to pass to whoever stops him (x3 or x2).

2 and 3 also must read the driver.

Change offense and defense. Keep score like a game or come up with a scoring method that is better for your team for the purpose of this drill.




44 Attack


Same concept at “33 attack”.

1 sprints and receives pass at full speed from the coach.

He looks the defender in the eyes and dribbles through the circle.

The defender must touch the ball handler before he can leave.






Driver (1) must make the correct read.

Pass to post (4),

kick out to wing (2),

or skip to weak side wing

Install your reads, rules, and reactions for your system.

Rotate offense to defense and keep score.

Play to a specific number of points or for a set time.


55 Attack


Same principles of “44 attack”.

5 inbounds to 1 “looping” to the middle.

1 must run through the circle and get touched by the defender (x1).

x5 plays the inbounder (5) then sprints down the court.

Trail man (5) runs to the opposite midpoint.





Driver (1) must make the correct read.

Pass to post (4),

Kick out to wing (2),

Skip to weak side wing (3),

Or kick out to trail making a “euro” (5).

All players must read the drive

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2 comments for “33 Attack Drill

  1. James B
    April 11, 2017 at 7:51 am

    Can you (someone) explain a little more what “x1 cannot leave until he touches the dribbler in the circle.” means? I’m quite familiar with drills, reading them, making them up, etc and found this hard to imagine. Thanks in advance…

    • Coach Brian Williams
      August 25, 2017 at 12:30 pm

      Hi James,

      I would say it is probably to keep the defender from leaving too early. My belief is that when you see what someone else is doing, you should adapt it to your needs and not do everything exactly as is. If it does’t make sense to you, I would leave that aspect of the drill out. Thanks for your comment!

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