Basketball Drills Guard Workout

Found this guard workout in an old Xavier Newsletter.

This is a great guard workout we used during our spring period of individual instruction. It is very similar to the Musketeer Post Drill. As a team, we stress running the floor at all times. This is a drill that encourages that idea with our guards. It has a great conditioning aspect to it and has proved to be one of our most effective quick guard workouts.

Player passes to coach, comes off of an imaginary down screen, catches, shoots, rebounds, and repeats for 5 shots.

Coach is the dribbler down the court. Player sprints full court to the opposite basket, cuts out to the second shooting area and repeats the 5 shot process.

Player advance to the 3rd and 4th shooting areas, repeating the 5 shot process.

After the 5th shot at the 4th spot, player releases and sprints the floor. Coach throws a home run pass for a lay-up.

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