What Does “All in” Look Like?

This video is with PGC Basketball Directors TJ Rosene and Graham Maxwell.

Tj (Head Men’s Basketball Coach) and Graham (Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach) coach at Emmanuel College in Franklin Springs, Georgia.

In addition to the All In portion of the video, the second part describes a concept of “Fixing from the Point of Mistake.”

This video is a part of the 20 Week PGC Coaches Circle. You can sign up for free at this link: PGC Coaches Circle

You might want to apply the “What Does All In Look Like” exercise to other areas for your team such as:

1) Playing Hard
2) Playing Smart
3) Being Unselfish
4) BeingTough
5) Or anything else that you want to emphasize and get buy in from your players.

You can see more drills and posts from PGC Basketball by visiting their Basketball Blog

Please make sure that your sound is on and click on the video to play.

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The video is a You Tube video, so you need to be on a network that does not block You Tube access.

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