Run Out Shooting Drill

A competitive shooting drill posted in the FastModel Sports Basketball Plays and Drills Library by Mike Shaughnessy of Dr1ven Training and Stockton University.

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– Player 1 starts with the ball at the free throw line.

– Player 2 starts parallel with player 1 spaced out free throw line extended.

– The drill is initiated with player 1 passing the ball to coach.

– Once the ball is passed to coach, player 1 is sprinting below the cone to try and run player 2 off the 3 point line preventing them from a rhythm 3.

– As the ball is passed, player 2 is drifting to the corner being shot ready.

– The ONLY shot the player can shoot is a catch & shoot 3

– If the player makes the shot, they stay on offense.

– First player to make 4 3’s wins.


Additional rules:

– Play with no shot fake and just has to be a rhythm catch & shoot 3.

– Play with shot fake w/ no dribble.

– Play with shot fake w/ side step using 1 dribble.

– Play with 1 dribble to score vs. the defender running the shooter off the line.

Same rules apply putting the players in a different position and situation. Frames 2 & 3 are added ways to play this small sided game.













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