Duke and Oklahoma Screen The Screener

A couple of Screen the Screener sets from Oklahoma and Duke.

They are a part of a Wes Kosel’s Pick the Picker Playbook.” Wes is starting his first season as an Assistant Coach at Augustana University in Sioux Falls South Dakota. It will be his 6th as a college assistant coach.

Wes puts out a lot of great plays on Twitter @coachKosel and on his own site Hoops Chalk Talk

I also have a link at the bottom of this post if you would like to download his Pick the Picker Playbook.

The idea is to take bits of pieces of these plays that might fit within your offensive system.

Diagrams created with FastDraw






Duke Box PTP



4 sets a high ball-screen for 1 who dribbles to the right wing.

3 sets a screen for 5 at the elbow.

5 cuts to the ball-side low post.







If 5 isn’t open, 4 sets a down-screen for 3.

1 passes to 3.








If 3 doesn’t have a shot, 4 sets a high ball-screen for 3 then pops to the top of the key.






Oklahoma Corner Stagger PTP



3 cuts off of 4 and 5 to the right wing.

1 passes to 3.

2 sets a cross screen for 5.








4 screens down for 2.

3 looks to pass inside to 5 or to 2 for a shot.

Click here to download Wes Kosel’s Pick the Picker Playbook

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