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Welcome to our collection of Basketball Poems. We hope that you can find something that will serve as inspiration for you and your team.

“I’d Rather See a Sermon”–author unknown. A basketball poem emphasizing the power of example.

If” by Rudyard Kipling–An inspirational poem by Rudyard Kipling that can be used as motivation in any setting. We have included it on our site as potential content for basketball coaches to use in their players’ basketball notebooks

Man (or Lady) on the bench“–author unknown is a tribute to the basketball players who do not get much playing time, but who are faithful and indispensable to the team.

The Man in the Glass“–author unknown. A short poem dealing with self respect.

Don’t Quit–a good poem to share with your team during the rough spots in the season.

It’s All in a State of Mind–controlling your thoughts makes a big difference in performance.

Little Eyes–Author Unknown is a nice reminder to older players that they are constantly being watched and
worshiped by younger basketball players, just like they looked up to the older players when they were in elementary
and middle school. This is one of those basketball poems that needs to be in every players’ notebook!

The Road Ahead–an inspirational poem about taking personal responsibility.

Winning is Giving–one way to define winning.

If you have any suggestions that would be good additions to our basketball poems collection and could be useful in basketball coaching, please e-mail us your contribution.

Your Worth to the Team 24 questions for players to use to reflect on their value to their team.

The Edge is in the MInd Some excerpts from a Book by Mark McCormack.

Ambition An inspirational poem for your players’ notebooks.

Just Me A poem from the perspective of a player with an over-inflated sense of his/her talents.

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