Celtics Chin Slice

Man to man plays from the Boston Celtics. The plays were contributed by Austin Anderson to the FastModel Sports Basketball Plays and Drills Library.

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Austin recently completed an internship with the Charlotte Hornets as a video scout intern where he assisted the video coordinators with opponent scouting and game planning.

Anderson was also responsible for opponent personnel edits, databasing free agents, and building a video playbook, along with player development workouts and team practices.

He also served as at Delta State as a Graduate Assistant and at UMPI as an Assistant Coach and Recruiting Coordinator.

Here are the comments that Austin made about the play.

Boston Celtics – Princeton Set.

This offense is designed to get players moving and to keep the defense engaged.

There are opportunities for backdoor looks, catch/shoot looks, a post up, and ultimately a 1-5 high pick and roll allowing Boston’s guards to create.


4 pins 2 who receives pass from 1.

1 then cuts off 5’s back screen.








2 hits 4 and cuts to strong side corner.

4 swings ball to 5.








5 swings to 3

1 sets rip screen for 4,

1 cuts off 5’s pin down to catch at top of key.







Play finishes with a 1-5 high pick and roll with 4 replacing.








Play #2 Stack Ball Screen Flare

Boston Celtics quick hitting ATO action designed to get Jaylen Brown, Marcus Smart or Jayson Tatum open on the wing for a shot or drive opportunity.

5 pins 2 into a high pick/roll with 1.

1 off 2. 5 flares 2.

The play was originally posted in the FastModel Sports Plays and Drills Library.


5 screens for 2, who sets ball screen for 1.

5 then turns and sets flare screen for two.

1 throws back to 2 for shot or drive.


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