Arizona Rebounding Drills

Here are  some rebounding drills from an old version of the Arizona men’s basketball coaching newsletter.


Have the player stand underneath and to the right of the basket. Begin by tossing the ball off the backboard. As the ball comes down, jump up and tip the ball back off the glass with your right hand.   At the same time, use your left hand and try to grab the rim (or as high as you can go). After ten tips/grabs score the basket, and then proceed to the other side of the hoop and repeat, using the opposite hands.


You have 8 guys in the paint. 4 on offense, 4 on defense. The defensive guys are on the inside and the offensive guys are on the outside. You have two guys outside the three-point line waiting to get the ball. The drill starts by one of the guys outside three point line shoots a three. The guys on defense yell shot and box out the guys on offense and to get the ball.  After you get the rebound if you are on offense you try to score. If you are on defense you pass it to one of the outlet guys. If the offense scores they get 2 points. If the defense gets the ball to one of the outlet guys they get 1 point.  We usually play to 1o- the losing team runs a jay hawk.


Have four rebounders under one basket. Have two other players positioned on either side of the basket ready for an outlet pass. Coach will take shot and create rebound, four players under basket will box-out and rebound.  Player who gets rebound should immediately get out of pressure from other three rebounders by either smart dribbling–then  passing, pivoting–and then passing, or a straight pass to one of the outlet players. The other three players who do not get the rebound should swarm the successful rebounder and make it difficult with out fouling.


Start at the low block. The player tosses the ball towards the left side of the paint, bouncing off the backboard. Throw it high off the glass and in an angle for best results. When he throws it off the backboard he sprints and leaps in the air catching the ball in the air but also lands on the other side of the paint but both feet must land outside the paint. Repeat going back the other direction. Keep doing it without stopping going back and fourth.

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