Steve Nash Push Pass Drill

This passing drill is among the thousands of resources for both coaches and player available from basketballhq. They have several more videos as well as basketball coaching resource articles.

Make sure that your speakers are on to hear the narration and that you can access You Tube to see the videos.

Like everything I post on the site, you will need to tweak the drill to fit your philosophy. If you would rather the pickup and pass be made with two hands, you could have the player dribbling one basketball doing crossovers, pick up with two, and pass with the hand that the coach calls. The idea is an overload drill and not to make it gamelike.

You could also set it up so that the player is passing to two shooters so that you are better able to simulate the receiver’s shooting pocket. The idea is for you to think about it and make it your own, or decide that the drill isn’t for you.

Click the play arrow to begin the videos.

Steve Nash Advanced 2 Ball Push Pass Drill

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