Shot Fake and Finish Rebounding Drill

This offensive rebounding drill is among the thousands of resources for both coaches and player available from basketballhq. They have several more videos as well as basketball coaching resource articles.

The drill is with Coach Ryan Panone

You might not want to do the drill exactly as it is laid out in the video, but the idea behind the posts I make is to get you thinking about creating drills that will allow for your players to make maximum improvement.

The key is to make it fit what your players need to be able to do within your system.

Please make sure your sound is on to see the video.

Click the play arrow so see the drill.

The drill is a You Tube video, so you will need to be able to access You Tube to see the drill.

Multiple Effort Skill Drill

You will want to come up with your own teaching points that fit your purpose, but the teaching points for the video are:

1) Changing the pace of the time after the shot fake to finish
2) Keep the ball up high after the shot fake
3) Finish with both left and right hands
4) Rebound the ball at its peak with arms extended
5) Finish through contact

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