Bigs Post Defensive Drill

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The drill was posted by Randy Sherman is the owner and founder of Radius Athletics.

As with any drill that you see someone else use, you will want to adapt it to your defensive rules and not just use it as is.

Post defense drill to teach, deny, fronting and x-step footwork as well as wing deny and 1-on-1 from the wing.










X5 STIKS (bumps) and disrupts 5’s move from the high post area into a low post position.

X5 assumes a topside deny position until 1 passes to 2.







X5 assumes a pass deny position against 5.

When 1 passes to 2, X5 goes arm over and x-step and fronts 5.

X5 must move quickly as soon as the ball leaves the passer’s hands.







If when 2 passes to 3 in the corner, X5 assumes a baseline pass deny position against 5.

X5 must step over quickly as soon as ball leaves passers hands.







When 3 passes to 2, X5 steps over to front.

When 2 passes to 1, X5 x-steps over to deny.

REPEAT: Ball is passed from point to corner 2-3 times.







2 and 3 steps off the court as 5 breaks out to the wing.

X5 maintains a pass deny position against 5.

5 cuts and back cuts to uncover.







When 1 is able to complete pass to 5, X5 assumes an on ball position against 5 pushing 5 to the baseline checkpoint.

X5 and 5 go live one on one with a two dribble max for 5.

Finish with a contest and blockout.

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