10 Areas for Player Self Evaluation

—Excerpted from the book, “Running the Show” by Dick DeVenzio

Posted with permission from PGCBasketball

You can read ways 1-10 at this link: Part 1: 10 Areas for Honest Self Evaluation

Stemming from the need for a standard of personal excellence, I offer a citizenship test or “State of the Person” report card. In brief, here are twenty-one categories or subjects in which I think each person should strive to get an A. In my opinion, all A’s in these would qualify a person to think of himself as approaching excellence as a person in the same way Michael Jordan approached excellence as a basketball player.

How do you measure up?


Are you serious about the things you do and aware of the impact you can have on others and on your own future?

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  • Do you understand that reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills are valued throughout the world?
  • How is your eye contact, hand shaking, sentence structure, empathy, expression?
  • Are you taking full advantage of the remarkable powers of sincere, effective communication?


  • Are you giving your body the opportunity to enhance your life via energy level, appearance, strength, sport?
  • Do you maintain a regular regimen of fitness?


  • Are you intelligent, in control, and aware of the consequences of your actions?
  • Do you moderate your own urges as well as your own judgment of others’ actions?


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  • Do you find ways to give away a lot of the things you have so that others can enjoy them?
  • Do you need a lot of material  things to be happy, or are you more interested in getting material things for others?


  • How well do you deal with problems, evaluate opinions, and form your own ideas?
  • What religions have you studied?
  • What foreign or unusual ideas and philosophies have you weighed?
  • Could you help opponents to find some areas of common ground and help solve their problems?


  • How do you respond to other cultures and religions, unusual ideas, unexpected comments, and different tastes in fashion?
  • Do you do anything to try to expand your tolerance and objectivity?


What energy and effort do you bring to subjects you don’t like in school, activities that are new to you, problems that are difficult to solve, and conflicts in your home or among friends?


  • How good are you at overcoming fatigue in school, during homework, and in sports?
  • How good are you at taking criticism?
  • How quick are you to complain or blame?
  • How good are you at taking full responsibility for the circumstances that confront you?
  • Do you control circumstances or do you let them control you?


  • How often and how well do you reach out to include and invite others to show off their talents, express their feelings, and share your friends and interests?

It would be difficult to be too good at this.


  • What would you want the world to see if 60 Minutes broadcasted a documentary report on you?
  • Would you be a terrific role model to the rest of the world if they suddenly got an inside, detailed look at the way you live your life?
  • Would you be proud of what the world would see?

Is it hard to do all these things? You betcha. It’s hard to bring the ball down the court against Gary Payton, contain Allen Iverson and slam dunk on Shaq too. But that’s what Michael Jordan and excellence are all about in basketball. Should excellence as a person be any easier?

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