Veer Back Pick and Roll Defense

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This is how Coach Boisvert described the video:

Embedded below is a video I put together exploring the NBA defensive concept of “Veer-Backs.” Through the first 5 days of the playoffs, you’re seeing a ton of these teams executing veer-backs on a lot of middle pick & rolls.

Make sure that your sound is on and that you are connected to a server that give you acccess to You Tube Videos.

The first few clips are using a Veer back

I have also posted some notes below the video from as well as some links to other resources from from NBA coaches on defending pick and roll.

The video includes clips of: Veer Back vs. 1) Snake on a Middle Pick and Roll, 2) Pick and Pop 3) Side Pick and Roll 4) Icing a Side Pick and Roll and finishes with a triple switch.

Ron Adams, Golden State Warriors Defensive Guru, FIBA Basketball Coaches Clinic

Diagrams created with FastDraw

-As soon as guard hears the “Flat” call by his teammate, he presses into the ball-handler and directs him towards the screen and then he chases the ball over the top of the screen.

-In “Flat,” the screener’s defender slides with the ball. The worse the screener is as a shooter, the deeper the big defender gets on this “Flat” coverage. The shooting ability of the screener dictates the depth of our “Flat” more than the shooting ability of the ball-handler (although against a great shooting point guard, we won’t utilize “Flat” much).

-Veerback: If the ball-handler gets too deep and attacks the big, the guard calls “Veerback” to tell the big (x5) that there’s a switch. X5 will keep 1 in front while x1 veers back and drives his butt into 5 on his roll.

-Big-to-big communication is so vital. They’re playing defense together.

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