Teaching Players to Read Closeouts

This video is with Emmanuel College Head Men’s Coach TJ Rosene. It is a drill to teach players to read the defender who is closing out.

The drill is called “Attack Closeouts”

Over closeout–player drives
Under closeout–player takes shot
Solid closeout–the offensive player makes a move to move the defender off his line.

In the first round of the drill, the player knows what type of closeout is coming and develop recognition and reaction skills.

In the second round of the drill, the closeouts are random and the player must read and make the correct reaction.

The video was produced by PGC Basketball.

This video is provided by the Glazier Coaching Video Vault.

You can also checkout more videos like this one at the Glazier Clinics Online Learning Vault

Please make sure that your sound is on and click on the video to play.

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1 comment for “Teaching Players to Read Closeouts

  1. June 5, 2017 at 5:30 pm

    Really good offensive drill. Keep it short and moving. Good Stuff!

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