Basketball Plays Oklahoma State Man to Man Sets

These two quick hitters are posted on the Fast Model Play of the Day Site.

Click on the link to check out a lot of other great baskeball drills and baskeball plays!

They were contributed by Michael Bowden, Video Director for Maryland women’s basketball.

Both have a couple of ways to score, but the purpose of each play is to get a 3 point shot.



Set #1



1 dribbles the basketball to wing.

5 and 3 set screens to get the 2 open

1 hits 5 after 5’s screen for 2.







4 screens the 2 on the curl

4 then screens the 3 to pop to the corner

4 should be able to post and seal deep in paint

5 hits 3 in the corner for a shot or 3 can feed 4 in the post.




Set #2



1 dribbles across the court

4 sets a pin down screen for the 3

2 sets a cross screen to bring the 4 to the ball side block

5 moves to the block.






5 and 3 then set a double down screen to bring the shooter to the top of the key

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