Organizing Your Program


Athletic directors have so much to do. Need a little help organizing your program?

TeamSnap has your back. Here are the top five reasons you’ll want to give us a try.

1. Your Athletic Program Needs to Centralize Communication

TeamSnap makes it easy to stay in touch from your desktop or mobile device. You can send instant updates to everyone or just specific groups. Plus, you get a copy of every message sent and received—perfect for future reference.

2. Your Athletic Program Has a Ton of Teams

With our powerful Roster feature, you can store info for every player, coach and manager in your athletic program. Easily track phone numbers, email addresses, personal information and more from your desktop or phone.

3. Your Athletic Program Needs to Streamline Online Registration

Parents and players can pay team fees online, either in one chunk or over a period of time. Add waivers and other important documents for signing. You’re happy, your athletic program’s happy and everyone’s risk of paper cuts is greatly reduced.

4. Your Athletic Program Needs a New Website

Our Website Builder helps you make a beautiful site with ease, no degree in computery-stuff necessary. Just choose the elements you need (i.e., standings, forms, text), drag them where you want and drop them.

5. Your Athletic Program Has Complex Schedules

Using our Scheduling features, you can build a fully-functional schedule in minutes. Just type any special conditions you have, enter locations, then let the software do the rest.

Thousands of athletic programs, clubs and leagues use TeamSnap. Find out why. Visit for more info!

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